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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A QPR Shandeh! The Club Has No Business Posting a Fan's Private Email


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On Friday a poster on a QPR messageboard posted information about a player's injury and team selection against Blackburn. (Many fans on various QPR Boards (including on the QPR Report messageboard) derided the "In The Know" Information.)

However as became evident, it turned out that this fan indeed had "In The Know" information.

After the Blackburn match which resulted in a 1-1 draw, QPR manager Neil Warnock berated the QPR Fan and showed a piece of paper with the fan's email address. Taking it a step further, the QPR Official Site then posted under Warnock's comments, this fan's email address.
As posted on the QPR Official Site re Warnock's Post-Match Comments "...The QPR boss was also keen to have his say on a leak that appeared on an internet fans forum on Friday, which revealed intimate details regarding his team selection.
Showing a piece of paper with an e-mail address which read *******@**** [Email address deleted by QPR Report], he said: "It's disappointing that a 'so-called' QPR fan leaks confidential information about the team the day before a big match. "I can't get my head around things like this. As a QPR fan, he certainly didn't do me any favours." QPR Official Site

The QPR Report perspective:

- The club has a leaker...The club should deal with him (or her).

- The Club Posted a fan's email on their official site...Bad enough for Warnock to show a piece of paper with the email...Wrong. Very wrong. But that might be viewed as heat of the moment. (Bad enough to even name him, which I think Holloway did once with another QPR . But this is worse). Even worse is the Club Official Site posting the Email...as part of Warnock's comments (As if the club always posts everything said by the manager!)

- Now many messageboard posters, including the named fan himself, are speculating as to how the club obtained this fan's private email address: If it should turn out to have been passed on to the club by someone running that messageboard, that would be, to put it mildly, rather unfortunate!

- As for the actual poster who posted his "In the Know" Information: Should he have done it? Well sometimes one does something without fully thinking it through. Or not considering possible negatives.

- But the fan says he heard from the club...And then he requested directly to the owner of the messageboard to remove the post. It was. And then was put back on by the owner supposedly at the request of the club. (That of course makes manager Warnock's outburst a little harder to fathom - assuming he knew all the ins and outs.)

- It also raises questions of how the club should interact with fans messageboards (and the rest of Social media). And how messageboards should interact with the club.

- But the bottom line and the central issue. The club should never have listed that poster's contact details. Doesn't matter the ins and out of what that poster might have done. The club went a "Bridge too far" and if they haven't done so yet, they should blank out the name and email (as the mainstream media did.)

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