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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Cesena Perspective of QPR and Cesena (and QPR's Italian Players)


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Cesena Fan Perspective re Cesena and QPR

Interview Conduct/Report written by QPR Report's Interviewer Maudesfishnchips

Ddomenghini is a poster on ://www.ilcesena.net a loyal and true Cesena supporter.

Many thanks"Domenghini

Can you give details on Cesena, your location, your stadium, a brief history?
Cesena is a small city of 100.000 inhabitants, but we live in Romagna our blessed region. We are very proud to be "romagnoli" ( inhabitants of Romagna). Romagna ( and Cesena, obviously) is always the most important of our thoughts. Our stadium is the Dino Manuzzi, 25.000 seats, a beautiful and modern stadium. Cesena has a very glorious history. We have often been in Serie A, our best result is the 6°place, and we have played the Uefa Cup in the 1976.

How long have you supported Cesena?
I support Cesena from when I was a child, and now I'm 42 years old.

Who are your biggest rivals?

Our rivals are: a) Bologna. We hate Bologna with the whole soul. It is not only for the football, it is very more important than football. The football is only one of the battlegrounds against Bologna. b) Rimini; c) Ravenna; d) Modena; e) Verona; f) Juventus-Milan-Inter-Roma.

Are you happy with your team and the way things are your team?
Yes, very happy. This time is all right.

Are Cesena supporters treated well by your owners?
Yes, in the last three years the new owners have won two championship.

Who are your best players, past and present?
For the past years Schachner, Amarildo, Silas, Rizzitelli, Bianchi, Rossi. Now, Mutu, Parolo, Giaccherini, Von Bergen, Antonioli.

How do you see your club performing this season?
In the middle of the placings. At least I hope.

What are your views on QPR, its players, its owners, how much do you know about us?
I don't know a lot of QPR. But when I was a child I knew them. I like english football. I know that the QPR fans are proud, and I respect them.

Have you any views on our Italian players, Pellicori, Alberti?
I don't remember well Alberti, I think he was a striker, but has been in Cesena in loan only some month.

Pellicori was a good striker, but without brain. He was outcast from the Cesena because, during a summer training in a mountain place, escaped from the hotel to go to have a good time a to drink ..."

Are you looking forward to playing QPR, are you going?
Yes, I hope is a beautiful night. The place is beautiful, but the stadium is small.

What do you think the score will be?
QPR is more trained, Cesena has started now. 2-1 for you.


By the way, the game will be broadcast on local italian tv Teleromagna and Smtvsanmarino ( in streaming). And on Sky in France, canal 520.

I hope is useful to you.

Ciao from Romagna and Cesena, and good luck for your next season.


QPR Report profoundly thanks both Maudesfishnchips and Cesena supporter, Domenghini

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